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Dave was the coordinator of Individual, Citizen and the State, the coordinated studies program that first year. My seminar leaders were David Marr, Betty Estes and Kirk Thompson; I never had a seminar with Dave but I well remember his lecture that first day, when our program met in the Methodist Church in downtown Olympia because the campus wasn’t open yet. How young we were! How exciting it all was!

Over the next forty years our paths crossed in bizarre ways. He played a role in the Olander incident, which led to the resignation of the chair of the board of trustees and I was appointed to fill the remainder of her term. Our kids were in Y care together at McLane and we’d be picking them up at the same time. We’d see each other at cross-country meets and practices when our teenagers were running.

We didn’t know each other well and I’m sorry because everybody in town knew that Dave was a fantastic teacher. And, after reading 37 pages of tributes in this guestbook, it’s clear that he was also a good friend.

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