Brief, but important intersection

Dave helped me out a great deal with my last twelve credits or so, in order to finish up my degree over fifteen years ago. I did an independent study on American Cultural Studies, including Native American, and Feminist Histories. Dave helped me put together all the things needed to not only finish my degree in a meaningful way, but he also provided an interesting story or two along the way, and was very cooperative of the special “state” I was in at the time. I was about seven to nine months pregnant, and in fact the quarter was interrupted (but in a good way), by the birth of my son. I had moved out of the area immediately following, but had completed and turned in my last few papers via mail. I remember reading about Wounded Knee, and other such stories while nursing my infant son. All those hormones and such, I had to put the book down and dry my tears quite a few times. Dave had guided my studies of American History in such a way that affected me personally and deeply. On the lighter side, we also chatted casually about children, parenting, and family life in general. What sticks out in my mind the most about Dave is his Earthy, yet inquisitive Father-like spirit, which couldn’t have been more perfect for the situation I was in at the time. I’m sorry I hadn’t the chance to know him better, I know he will be greatly missed, and greatly remembered.

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