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Happy New Year!!!

Ayurveda: The art of healthy living

Your inspiration is what I seek through my Ayurvedic studies. When the news today stated your skills as, “The art of living,” I wondered if you have heard or researched what Ayurvedic sciences is based upon? Your amazing mental health is to be credited for so much of where you are and what you have contributed. I am sorry it took cancer for me to cross your path. Dr. Vivek Shanbhag from India was here at Bastyr University this past weekend doing a workshop on treating cancer with Ayurvedic principles. I listened to the details and thought about how much of this is state of mind. Herbs, family, environment – simply pieces of this puzzle, but it comes back to the Ayurvedic seers saying, “What you see in the mind today, you see in the body tomorrow.” You most certainly are leading by example. Thank you.

No memories of having known you,Dave!

Just saw the Norhtwest News with your story on it! You are amazing and I just feel the need to tell you, “You are a man with a very beautiful mind, body and spirit!” May your journey be all you’ve aimed for! You’re inspiring.


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the inspiration you have provided me to live everyday to its fullest. Attitude is everything, and you my friend, exemplify what it means to be alive. Thank you and I wish for you peace and happiness. Although we have never met, I will carry your story with me as I continue my education as a Paramedic.