First Year

Dave ,

I think of our time at Evergreen often. The fall of 71 was an exciting time. You may not realize it, but in those troubled times I personally did not think I would make it to 25. I thought I would either be dead in Viet Nam or in the streets protesting the war. During the time I spent with you and the I.C.S. group I began to realize hope. With your encouragement, I went on an internship to Colorado and New Mexico with the National Movement for the Student Vote. While we didn’t do much for the election, Nixon won all but 2 states, the next year most of the major cities we worked in turned over.

In the 40 years in-between then and now, I have gotten married (only once and am still married to the same person), worked over 20 years in the public sector, helped raise 3 children , continue to play music and continue to be a rabble rouser. That hope for the future sparked to life so many years ago continues today, thank you.


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