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A Memorable Professor

Prof. Hitchins made History ‘a lively debate’ while teaching his Rollins College students about “The Gilded Age” or “Robber Barron” era of American History–was fortunate to be one such student. We became friends and I received many of Dave’s personal Books before he left Rollins… Books which were put to use when I served as Chairman of the History Department of Trinity Preparatory School of Florida and as Adjunct Professor of American History at Seminole Junior College. Dave, along with Prof. Jack Lane, were stimulating educators and sound role models. Dave’s Books are still with me as is his educational input and example. Please accept my sincere condolences. Randy Moore from Thailand.

911, The Fifties and Southpark

I took as many classes with Dave as I could. 2 different year long programs the so fun Fifties and Sixties summer classes. One of those programs started in the fall of 9/11. It was such a crazy time and often I would stick around after class just to kind of process what was going on in the world and gain perspective by having a conversation with him. He was always kind and upbeat. In that program we the secrets of the temple and I was first introduced the federal reserve. We also read Milton Freeman. Dave said something in a lecture that year that took me 10 years to understand. It was prophetic. He said that the issues around enron and the deregulation of banking would have a longer and more lasting affect on the lives of Americans then the events of 911. I couldn’t get my head around it for years. Some time in the fall of 2008 I had a one of those light bulb moments and it all made sense. He was right. we were on the verge of an economic collapse and 911 had become this historic event. In the summers we would discuss Halberstein’s work on the fifties and then after class discuss the most recent episode of South Park. He was in his 70′s telling me just how brilliant South Park was. A kind and inspiring man. Thanks Dave