As the writer of the very post in this guestbook I have already said all there is to say about how I feel about Dave Hitchens. I would love to be at the table with Dave, Faulkner, Thomas Wolfe and Lewis Grizzard having a whiskey and talking up the South.

Makes me smile just thinking about it.

Ave atque vale

My most enduring memory of Dave, amid a myriad of memories, is of Dave cuddling new born Gabriel at a rowdy party at Sid White’s in 1971. He took a squalling baby from my arms and turned him into a lamb. He stroked his nose and if baby’s purr, Gabriel did.

We will miss him along with all the other no-longer-with-us founding faculty.

My love and condolences to the whole extended Hitchens clan.

A Special Teacher, a Special Man

Dave was, quite simply, the finest teacher I ever knew, and a dear friend.

The first time I heard him speak — in a writing workshop in my very first program at Evergreen — I remember Dave promising us that he would teach us how to research, and how to write, but, more importantly, how to think. A promise kept, at least for me, and with generous helpings of humor, wisdom and kindness thrown in, more or less for free.

I’ve reached an age where reports of friends and relatives passing are no longer so rare, and each one is like a powerful hand reaching out and pulling me back into the past. Few have pulled as hard as the news of Dave’s death. I’ve done much and traveled far these past three decades, but my years at Evergreen were, in many ways, the most intense of my life — for both good and bad. Dave was a big part of the good, and a sympathetic friend through the bad.

To be sure, the memories are a little jumbled after 30 years, but they can still make me smile. Mostly I remember sitting in Dave’s office, or across a table down at Buzz’s Tavern, and listening to his stories — of Oklahoma and Georgia and Australia, of characters he had known; the characters he had been.

I have no faith in an after life. Reason tells me not to, and it seems like asking too much of the universe anyway — as if this life were not a sufficiently precious gift. But if I’m wrong, if something DOES come next, I can only hope that Dave has taken his rightful place among the eagles, in his own Tailfeather Chronicles.

He made a difference

Though it has been many years since our connection, I remember it as if it were yesterday. Dave inspired so many people during his life, no wonder he was so loved.
I hope you made it to Hawaii :)
Love and hugs
Karen and Bill Hurley


We’ve witnessed the exit of a wonderful man from this plane. Dave was my professor my very first year at TESC (1976…) and my contact with him has proven to be transformative in many ways. Helpful, insightful, provocative and graced with a wonderful sense of humor and a kind heart- Dave was all of these. My best wishes to Joan and all the many people who knew and loved him.