He made a difference

Though it has been many years since our connection, I remember it as if it were yesterday. Dave inspired so many people during his life, no wonder he was so loved.
I hope you made it to Hawaii :)
Love and hugs
Karen and Bill Hurley


We’ve witnessed the exit of a wonderful man from this plane. Dave was my professor my very first year at TESC (1976…) and my contact with him has proven to be transformative in many ways. Helpful, insightful, provocative and graced with a wonderful sense of humor and a kind heart- Dave was all of these. My best wishes to Joan and all the many people who knew and loved him.


I’ll remember Dave from our collaboration to oust a former corrupt TESC president. He spoke truth to power. Ghandi said Truth is God … well Dave walked the walk. A good, decent and funny guy who will stay in my memory as a true friend.

“I Love Lucy”

Hello my dear old friend!! Do you rememeber “I Love Lucy”? It’s been 55+ years since you played the Desi Arnaz lead in our Sophomore play at Rogers. We were the first high school to put on the play production of the newly released script. Remember who your Lucy was? None other than the red-headed bombshell Ann Cook (RIP). And who will ever forget Bill Ward as Johnny, running up and down the aisles of the auditorium yelling “Call for Phillip Morris” in his cute red uniform. Do you still have your script? I do!!

We actually go all the way back to Franklin Elementary and S. Urbana street. (Mike, Joyce, Fulton, Diana, Eula, Birdie just to mention a few.)

These, and other memories make me misty-eyed and help keep me forever young (at least mentally if not physically). I cherish them all as I do our long-ago friendship. May God bless you David….we will meet again.


There is a reason Dave was my professor for nearly all of my Evergreen career. The man could certainly spin a tale, and make history interesting even for the freshman! Dave positively affected every student to pass through his doors and left me full of great times and memories. Thanks for everything Dave.