Well Influenced


I just had your news from Randy Earwood and in a short word, your mentorship at TESC saved me from the proverbial shit-eating dog.

You challenged me to look for myself beyond all the fears and insecurities, using just the right humor, just enough force and knowing when to ease up on a confused young hick.

Small things make the sum and over the years a great many small things you passed along or hinted at have mattered to me, and through me to others. I have lived in Viet Nam for the past 11 years working in the humanitarian mine action sector to address the explosive legacy of the war. At 50 I just became a father for the first time: our son Cy is 4 months old. These past few months in the run up to being a Dad you’ve come to mind often.

I have been able these past few years, and hope to continue, truly making a difference. Just as you made a difference for me and for God knows how many others over the years. Thanks for everything you knew and didn’t know you gave.

With deepest respects and fondest memories,

Hugh Hosman


At first light
caught between two tigers on the trail
of what use now
these goods I carry to market?


Dear Dave,

I just passed my general examinations here at LSU. And while Dr. Cooper didn’t offer me a glass of brown whiskey (I suppose that’ll have to wait for the dissertation) it was an experience several years in the making. In fact, it began the summer you agreed to an independent learning contract. Reading Thomas Jefferson and Eudora Welty proved an education unto itself, but your guidance enriched the process immeasurably.

Not a day goes by down here in the bayou that I don’t think of you. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your support, encouragement, and mentorship. I love you and continue to draw from your inspiration. Take care and see you at Christmas.

Much love –


I am so amazed by your courage and love of life. Never could I imagine someone could take on what you have taken on with this illness and yet, you do it with such grace and dignity. To see your family follow you in your quest is a testament to your teachings more than any other student that you have taught to read, write, and speak, and there have been many.

I wish you and your family peace as you continue on your difficult journey.

Sarah- Looking Backward Fall 2010

Grateful for Evergreen’s Faculty

I was lucky enough to attend to Evergreen between 1981 and 1984. I never had you as a teacher. My teachers were Bill Aldridge, Gordon Beck, Mary Nelson, and Lloyd Colfax. They all frequently mentioned your name.

What is most profound about Evergreen’s faculty is the fact that they truly care about their students. Evergreen is more than a teaching facility, it is a community and a family. If not for the teachers listed above, I would have never graduated.

I do not know what happened to Bill but my other three teachers have since passed away. I was never able to say thank you properly to them, but to you I would like to say thank you for being part of the Evergreen family, and for nurturing and teaching all of us that have passed through TESC over the last forty years. Thank you so very much!

Thank you.

Hello Doctor Hitchens;
I thought I’d drop by and say thank you. After thirty years out of school I wasn’t sure I was going to make it that first quarter in 2009. If it had not been for you I think I might have dropped out, but your efforts kept me going.

You’re a great teacher and a hell of a guide. I appreciate all you did that year.

I was at the benefit, but had to leave early to pick up my wife. I’ll talk to Pete and see if we can’t we can’t do that again next year. Hell we ought to keep that going on forever.

Thank you once again,

Michael Wilson; 2009-2010