He Kept Me in School

Dave Hitchens kept me in school. My freshman year was very trying for me. My mother had died of cancer just a few weeks before school started, leaving me orphaned. I had no home but Evergreen, and no real guidance but my mentors, Terry Setter, and Dave Hitchens.
I had first met Dave at a writers camp in Port Townsend,during my mother’s illness. For the very reasons that made him a great teacher, he made me feel that I had the talent to succeed.

At one point, I was on academic probation, because there were days when I just couldn’t go to class. Dave took me aside and really talked to me about how much pain I was in, how well he understood that and how he would be there to help. He guided my path.
I am so sorry to hear of his passing, and hope that he has found a very comfortable chair by a fire, in a room filled with books, and dreams. Love you Dave!

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