Recurrent birthday memory

February, 1980. I woke in bed on the 6th floor of A Dorm to find it was snowing. It’s never snowed on my birthday. We were in in-house evals that week and my conference with Dave was scheduled for somewhere in the afternoon. Being totally new to the school and its ways, I was more curious than concerned about these unwritten evaluations.
The phone rang in my room. It was a seminar mate, saying she’d had to reschedule her conference to another time, but if I wished, I could take the slot she was vacating. The new time was coming up pretty quickly and if I wanted it, I was told I had to call Dave & tell him I’d be in. I decided I’d take it & made the call.
I informed him I’d be coming in earlier — but on one condition.
“You have to be nice to me,” I warned.
“No, I don’t,” came the reply.
“Yes, you do.”
“I don’t have to be nice to nobody!”
“Yes, you do. It’s my birthday.”
“Oh, well, in that case –” Followed by an a cappella, in tune (thank you!) “Happy Birthday” which concluded with “Not bad even with a cold, was it?”
This is one of my most cherished memories of my first year at Evergreen and I remember it every year.

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