Well Influenced


I just had your news from Randy Earwood and in a short word, your mentorship at TESC saved me from the proverbial shit-eating dog.

You challenged me to look for myself beyond all the fears and insecurities, using just the right humor, just enough force and knowing when to ease up on a confused young hick.

Small things make the sum and over the years a great many small things you passed along or hinted at have mattered to me, and through me to others. I have lived in Viet Nam for the past 11 years working in the humanitarian mine action sector to address the explosive legacy of the war. At 50 I just became a father for the first time: our son Cy is 4 months old. These past few months in the run up to being a Dad you’ve come to mind often.

I have been able these past few years, and hope to continue, truly making a difference. Just as you made a difference for me and for God knows how many others over the years. Thanks for everything you knew and didn’t know you gave.

With deepest respects and fondest memories,

Hugh Hosman


At first light
caught between two tigers on the trail
of what use now
these goods I carry to market?

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