Your Gift to Us

Dear Dave,

You were an important part of my Evergreen experience, David, and I want to thank you once again.

I have periodically wondered how you were doing. I know you valiantly and successfully battled cancer and won years ago now. Somehow I didnʼt believe you would get it again. I didnʼt want to think that you would. I saw you as living a nice long life. You
have lived a good life, one with challenges as all of us but a good one all the same. Your life has been rich with family, friends, music, students and the passage of time put to words…history.

You have been so fortunate to have a passion for both teaching and learning and been able to pass that onto your students. What a gift to us all. But what I think your greatest gift has been your gentleness and compassion and caring for others while doing so.

I want to share my deepest appreciation for you supporting me at one of my darkest, most difficult hours as 25 years later I faced the reliving of my motorcycle accident that you witnessed. I guess it was something I needed to face in order to move on with life. I
know going through something like that with another person leaves one rather helpless.

There is not much that one can do but again be a witness and be there. You were loyal. You did not need to have been. I will forever appreciate that. I know your mind and life energy is focusing on taking life one breath at a time and being with those who have carried you through all these years. I am glad you have family and the Evergreen community that holds you dear. However, if you are able and wishing to see visitors, please let me know. It would be an honor and a gift to visit you. If not, I hold you in loving thoughts during your journey of life at this time. Be at peace, dear
friend, be at peace.

Recently saw a movie Quattro Volte which was a depiction of the Pythegorean theory of Transmigration. I sort of liked it. It depicted an old man, a goat shepherd, in a remote Italian village up in the highlands who dies out in the fields. Upon his death a baby goat is born, grows stronger only to get lost in a storm and die under a big tree that the following spring is cut down for a village ceremony. Later that same tree is cut and in a very interesting old traditional process made into coal that warms the remaining villagers all the while the smoke of which wafts off into the winds…Human, animal, plant, mineral.

I thought you might also enjoy hearing about it.

We are all connected through mystery. We do not have to understand it, but just keep opening ourselves up to the love and the process of life wherever it takes us.

Sincerely, Corinne Dee Kelly

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